White Spots on Teeth


Many people have come through our practice looking for answers and procedures to minimize those unsightly white spots on their teeth. Until now, these corrective procedures have been invasive and sometimes very costly. We are now using a product, Ml Paste Plus, that minimizes or eliminates these white spots completely. Ml paste is being called the “WD40″of dentistry. It is a topical paste with the magical ingredient called recaldent. Recaldent is now being put into chewing gum, rinses and lozengers. There are a broad range of applications for Ml paste; sensitivity from bleaching, treatment with braces, white spots (flourosis), high risk cavity patients, xerostomia (dry mouth), after scale and root planing, and before and after regular cleanings, if needed. Ml paste is very easy to use at home, so it helps with-patient compliance. It can be used along with your toothpaste regimen. Patients can smear it over their teeth with their fingers and leave untouched for 3-5 minutes. Your saliva
actually enhances the effectiveness of the product. We are excited to be able to offer this new and minimally invasive procedure to everyone.

This article is quoted from Daily Herald, July 2, 2009.