What is Good Personal Hygiene For Kids?

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What is good personal hygiene for kids?

A good hygiene is the key to good health. Once learnt the basic rules of personal hygiene, it is unlikely for children to forget about it. Children are hyper energetic in terms of physical routines, games, sports and mischief. They are more vulnerable to dirt as compared to elders especially their hands and feet. Their soft skin and body becomes a subject to illnesses and allergies at a very greater speed which is why, hygiene habits and grooming are very essential.

There are some things in life which do not put a good influence on kids only through teaching. No matter, how many times you lecture them; they will always find it boring and time consuming. The best way to preach them is through practicing with them often. When they will experience it with their parents, they would better grasp it.

Brush teeth and tongue

Ask them to accompany you when you brush your teeth and tongue, the way you brush it, for how long and how many times you practice it. Washing hands serve you very good but often washing with some fine personal hygiene products does better, for example; washing hands before meals and after eating them, after playing and after using restrooms. Following these simple tactics in a routine makes it easier for children to remember it.

Use Personal Hygiene Products

Kids will definitely imitate what they see their elders; most of all parents do but would love to follow if hygiene tips are exciting and fun to do. They will pay more attention to activities which are exuberant. There are lots of such tools provided in super markets designed for children, like personal hygiene products in the form of colorful toothbrushes, flavored toothpastes, soaps and shampoo bottles that have cartoon designs all over them.

Take Bath Regularly

Such hygiene grooming can also be made pleasurable if you put your kid’s favorite toys in the bath tub. He will be willing to take bath regularly when he learns his most wanted toys await him. You can also suggest some of his desired tasks after bath, like pillow fight or story telling would work. Many story books now are designed for kids based on hygiene tips which are grasped by them quickly.

The point is not to restrain your kid from eating jellies, candies or other darling treats but tell them along that brushing habitually is necessary and explain them why is it so in the most fun and easiest way.