Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

I believe that we all are seriously nothing if we don’t care for our personal hygiene. This hygiene care is so much important that can save us from many diseases and can keep us healthy and strong always. We being so busy in our lives always get so reluctant that we negligent our hygiene matters a lot and we don’t care for it in a way that we are required to. It is very important to know points that can help us maintain our personal hygiene and following of them are few that would guide you to the best and would let you care for your personal hygiene:

1.       Physical Cleanliness:

Your physical cleanliness is the major part of your personal hygiene and if it is fine than surely your hygiene is fine. Make your habit of taking bath daily with good soaps and shampoos to keep yourself refresh and clean. Do not avoid of changing your cloths, your wardrobe is a blessing for you and avail the collection you have and make a habit of wearing every new collection every day regardless of the facts that they are dirty or not. Make your habit of brushing your teeth thrice a day along with the flossing of your teeth at least once in a day. Your teeth contain darter and bacteria if not washed properly and it can be a hazard for your teeth and body as well as it spreads other diseases too. Take a good care of your hairs no one looks good bald and your hairs is the major ingredient in your beauty so take care of them by applying good oil, shampoos and conditioners. Keep your nails trimmed and clean and take a special care of your hands and feet and keep them clean always.

2.       Food Cleanliness:

Food cleanliness plays a fundamental role in your personal hygiene and 90% doctors suggest that your food can either save you or can get you many diseases because our entire body depends a lot on our stomach and abdomen. Have neat and clean food, keep your kitchen cleans so that food cannot get spoiled in anyway and use fresh vegetables, oils and clean ingredients in your food. Avoid buying from hawkers! You never know about the ingredients these hawkers use in their food and they really damage your gut and can fall you in bundles of intestinal, livers and abominable diseases. Always wash vegetables and fruits before eating them. Have boil water daily or use mineral water but never get the water from your taps, you never know how bad it can work for your bodies. Make a habit of washing your hands always before and after meal; it saves us from many diseases.

3.       Environmental Cleanliness:

Personal hygiene depends a lot in our environments. If our environments are dusty, smoky or messy than definitely no doctor can save us from having any diseases. Keep your houses clean. Avoid going to any dusty, filthy or smoky place and if go than with proper covering of sensitive body parts. Use room fresheners in your house, mop floors with phenol water and regularly do dusty of your house. If your environment is clean than definitely your personal hygiene is achieved.