Personal Hygiene Worksheets For Kids – Collection (9-16)

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Here is the second part of 16 personal hygiene worksheets for kids, especially younger ones.

Answers for these worksheets are:

Worksheet 9: Playing With Pet(1), Washing Hands(2), Drying Hands(3), Eating Food(4)

Worksheet 10: Wake Up In The Morning(1), Brushing Teetj, Having Breakfast(3)

Worksheet 11: Washing Hands(1), Drying Hands(2), Eating Food(3), Brushing Teeth(4)

Worksheet 12: Using Toilet(1), Flushing Toilet(2), Washing Hands(3), Drying Hands(4)

Worksheet 13: We clean our ears with bud.

We keep our hair neat and tidy with hair brush.

Worksheet 14: We wash our hands with soap.

We can clean our face with face wash.

Worksheet 15: We wash our hair with shampoo.

We can clean our face with tooth brush.

Worksheet 16: We clean our hands with hanky.

We can keep our nails healthy and clean with nail cutter.

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