Personal Hygiene Worksheets For Kids – Collection (1-8)

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Here is the first part of 16 personal hygiene worksheets for kids, especially younger ones.

Answers for these worksheets are:

Worksheet 1: Washing Hands(1), Drying Hands With Towels(2), Cooking Food(3), Eating Food(4)

Worksheet 2: Long Nails(1), Cutting Nails(2), Short Nails(3)

Worksheet 3: Brushing Teeth(1), Reading Book(2), Sleeping On Bed(3)

Worksheet 4: Ready For Shower(1), Under Shower(2), Sahmpooing Hair(3), Drying Body With Towel(4)

Worksheet 5: Taking Bath(1), Drying Body With Towel(2), Wearing Cloth(3), Combing Hair(4)

Worksheet 6: Playing In The Park(1), Washing Hands(2), Drying Hands(3), Having Some Snacks(4)

Worksheet 7: Untidy Hair(1), Combing Hair(2), Neat Hair(3)

Worksheet 8: Washing Hands With Soap(1), Rinse Hands With Water(2), Drying Hands(3), Closing Tap(4)

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