Importance of Personal Hygiene For Kids

importance of personal hygiene for kids








Importance of personal hygiene for kids

It is always beneficial to practice personal hygiene for kids and use personal hygiene products with your kids. Though simple teaching always serves one well but unless you have adopted all the rules of personal and general hygiene, it is likely for your kids to forget it soon too. Personal hygiene means a sound and healthy body; healthy enough to fight all the pity illnesses and allergies away.

It is of every one’s vital interest and self esteem to look good. Looking good never refers to the kind of fancy clothes you buy and wear or the varieties of shoes or headbands you possess, it means to stay clean, fresh and stink-less.

Brushing Teeth

Always brush teeth. Especially brush them after breakfast and before going to bed. Brush them for 3-5 minutes and brush gently; otherwise it will damage your gums. It is very profitable if parents invest to get them a decent electric brush.

Take Bath Regularly

It is very common for your children to run and play and get dirty. A hyper-active age of your kids and it is very abnormal of them to sit silently and play nothing or make mischief. Thus, do not restrain them from playing but make them take a bath regularly.

Use Personal Hygiene Products

Scrub with personal hygiene products the skin gently and properly, from head especially scalp to toes to remove all the body oils, dirt and dead skin cells. Always wear neat and clean set of clothes after bath.

Foot Care

Shoes and feet are the easiest home to diseases. If you don’t want your kids to become a subject to allergies, never listen to them when they hold down on taking off their favorite pair of shoes. Wash and then dry feet carefully, especially between the little toes of your feet.

Spending a lot time under your shoes can be a subject to accumulation of a lot of bacteria due to sweat. So it is better to take off shoes at home and walk bare footed. Never wear a single type of shoe and wash, polish or brush them as needed.

Smelling Good

If your kids become a little older it is okay to use a deodorant or an anti per spirant. Some people have problems with perfumes, which can be a trigger for headaches, asthma or hay fever, so don’t spray them around. Always keep in head, nothing smells better than your clean skin. Little kids can use talcum powders. By using all these personal hygiene for kids’ tips, you can make your kid feel confident.