Hygiene and Pets Worksheets For Kids

hygiene and pets worksheets for kids







Here you will find some hygiene and pets worksheets for kids divided into three levels.

The objectives of the activities on worksheets are:

  • Make children aware that pets can transmit diseases.
  • Draw attention to the risks involved when touching, or receiving a wound from, an animal.
  • Introduce basic hygiene practices with pets in the home.

Main messages for these worksheets:

  • Never play with an animal you don’t know. It may be covered in germs, which could make you or your family ill.
  • It is great to have a pet in the home, but don’t forget to bath it (unless it’s a fish…) and regularly clean feeding bowls, litter trays, toys and personal objects to prevent germs from spreading.
  • When playing with an animal, even your own, always wash your hands afterwards!
  • Some people are more sensitive to allergens carried by animals: the sick, the elderly, pregnant women and babies.

All worksheets can be found under both  Personal Hygiene For Kids and Personal Hygiene Worksheets categories.

Hygiene and Pets Worksheets For Kids Level 1

Hygiene and Pets Worksheets For Kids Level 2

Hygiene and Pets Worksheets For Kids Level 3

Further Study:

  • Visit a pet shop, kennels, an animal sanctuary, etc.
  • Look under the microscope at animal hairs or feathers and micro-organisms found on them.
  • Review the most common zoonoses.
  • Search some key words on the Internet, e.g. zoonosis, parasites, pets.
  • Carry out a survey of the variety of pets. Invite a vet to the classroom to talk about hygiene and animals
  • Make a study of the various animals that roam our towns such as birds, dogs, cats, rodents, members of the weasel family, etc.
  • Build a terrarium, vivarium or cage. Keep some animals as pets.

Important note: All worksheets and activities’ overviews are taken from http://www.hygiene-educ.com .

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