Hand Washing Lesson Plan Grade 6

Hand Washing Lesson Plan For Grade 6

hand washing lesson plan grade 6

hand washing lesson plan grade 6









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Objective of the hand washing lesson plan grade 6: Identify and discuss health practices associated with less illness and longer life  expectancy.

General Principles:

  • Germs are so small that you can not see them and they are found almost everywhere.
  • There are many types of germs (bacteria and viruses).
  • Bacteria and viruses can cause illnesses and diseases such as: upper and lower respiratory tract infections, influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis A and B and shigellosis.
  • Washing your hands is the best prevention against these illnesses and diseases!

How to Wash Your Hands:

  • Use warm, running water.
  • Use liquid or pump soap whenever possible.
  • Rub hands together vigorously for 10-20 seconds.
  • Pay special attention to the cuticles and underneath the fingernails.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry off hands with a dry paper towel or hand dryer.

When to Wash Your Hands:

  • After using the toilet.
  • After playing with animals, handling money and coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.
  • Before preparing, touching or eating food.

Importance of Handwashing:

  • Illnesses and diseases caused by bacteria and viruses can be very serious and can even cause death if not properly treated.
  • Germs can be spread four ways: fecal-oral contact (e.g., hepatitis A and shigellosis), directlclose contact (e.g., lice), blood contact (e.g., HIVIAIDS and hepatitis B), and respiratorylairborne contact (e.g., influenza and colds).

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Hand washing message needs to be reinforced several times throughout the day, especially before lunch and after using the restroom.
  • Teach by example.
  • The activity asks each student to write hisker name on the bottom of the page pledging to wash their hands. You may want to post one or all of the activity sheets in the classroom to serve as a reminder of the pledge.
  • Please copy the activity on the reverse side of this sheet for the children to complete. Answers to the activity are provided below:

Answers to Activity:
1. virus 6. four
2. twenty 7. vigorously
3. warm 8. hand washing
4. antibacterial 9. bacteria
5. fingernails 10. toilet


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