Hand Washing Lesson Plan Grade 1

Hand Washing Lesson Plan For Grade 1

hand washing lesson plan grade 1

hand washing lesson plan grade 1









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Objective of this hand washing lesson plan grade 1: Tell why cleanliness, grooming, posture, and body mechanics are important.

General Information:


  • Germs are everywhere.
  • Germs are so small that you cannot see them.
  • Germs can make you sick.
  • You can get rid of germs by washing your hands.

How to Wash Your Hands:

  • Use warm, running water.
  • Use liquid or pump soap whenever possible.
  • Rub hands together for at least 10 seconds.
  • Scrub underneath the fingernails.
  • Rinse and then dry.

When to Wash Your Hands:

  • After using the toilet.
  • Before eating or touching food.
  • After playing with animals.

Teaching Idea:

Use a spray bottle filled with clean water. Spray water on children’s hands. Explain that the
water on their hands represents germs that come out of their mouths when they cough and
sneeze. Now have the children touch an object (i.e., table, chair, etc.). Ask them what happened
to the object they touched (it became damp). Explain that this is what happens when we sneeze
into our hands and then touch an object (the germs on our hands get on the object). Discuss what
might happen if one of their friends touches the object while it is moist (they might pick up the
germs and get sick). Explain that if you wash your hands after sneezing or coughing in them the
germs will be washed away and there will be less of a chance for people to get sick.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Hand washing message needs to be reinforced several times throughout the day, especially before lunch and after using the restroom.
  • Teach by example.
  • The activity asks each student to write hislher name on the bottom of the page pledging to wash their hands. You may want to post one or all of the activity sheets in the classroom to serve as a reminder of the pledge.
  • Please copy the activity on the reverse side of this sheet for the children to complete

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