Good Personal Hygiene

Good Personal Hygiene

Almost all of us lack a lot in making good personal hygiene though we are literate enough to know the facts which make a good personal hygiene so very important for our lives. Many people are unaware of personal hygiene ways, they consider it a game of just taking bath daily but trust me it is more than that. Many poor people also take bath daily but we all hate smells their body leaves and their getups that rings the bells that yes they are not taking care of their personal hygiene. But how can we realize things that are important for our good personal hygiene? Well, few of them are following:

1.       Caring Your Hairs:

We don’t really care for our hairs as we are too busy in our daily lives and forget that our hairs want our special attention and this is the reason that our hairs end by breaking, cracking, having dandruff and getting dry and thinner which actually spoil our looks too as hairs play an important role in beautifying your looks. Take care of your hairs by oil massaging it at least thrice a week. Do shampoo after 3 hours of oil, don’t shampoo your hairs more than thrice a week it damages hairs and makes it go bad. Always apply conditioner after shampoo to you hairs and cover your hairs while going out with scarf. It protects your hairs from sun ultraviolet rays and all types of dust. Have hair cutting or trimming after two months; its helps increasing the hair growth and keeps it healthy and safe.

2.       Dental Care is Must:

Your teeth are special part of your body and look that make you either look younger or older than your age and so it is very necessary to care your teeth. Make a habit of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, thrice a day is great but twice a day is normal and is recommended too. Brush them every morning after waking up and every night before going to bed. Visit your dental surgeon once a month at least and get him examine your teeth in significant manner. Floss your teeth at least once in a day and before going to sleep is a must to be done situation that almost all dentist suggest and it should be done to protect your teeth from all types of bacteria and daters that can be a big hazard for your entire dental system.

3.       Body Care:

It is important for you to provide extreme good care to your body for its good personal hygiene. Take bath daily and change your cloths daily to stay neat and clean. Apart from that make it a habit of washing your face at least two times a day to keep it fresh and cool. Always keep yourself neat and clean by using goad shampoos, soaps and face washes. If you are a male than daily shave is very good for you and should adopt this practice to stay neat and clean. Trim your nails once a week or whenever it is needed. If you want to have big nails than keep it neat and clean. Your personal hygiene depends a lot on your physical care so always adopt it.