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Personal Hygiene Checklists

  Personal Hygiene Checklist 1                     Personal health and hygiene are very important when handling food. This ¬†checklist describes personal hygiene procedures needed to keep food safe. I wash my hands frequently and properly I cover cuts and sores with a bandage or dressing (eg BAND-AID) … Continue reading

Hand Washing Posters Collection

            ¬†                                                     Download any hand washing poster by clicking on it.   There are 6 different hand washing posters. Poster 1) Be A Germ-Buster … Continue reading

Essential Personal Hygiene Products

              Essential Personal Hygiene Products Good hygiene means to possess good health. Personal hygiene is very important for all individuals to ensure their safety from illnesses, diseases and allergies. Whether you are concerned about the wellbeing of elders or youngsters; personal hygiene products will serve you the best. These … Continue reading

Importance of Personal Hygiene For Kids

              Importance of personal hygiene for kids It is always beneficial to practice personal hygiene for kids and use personal hygiene products with your kids. Though simple teaching always serves one well but unless you have adopted all the rules of personal and general hygiene, it is likely for … Continue reading