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The Right Way To Wash Your Hands (Short Reader for Grades 1 to 3)

This short reader “The right way tow ash your hands” is ideal for grades from 1 to 3 and also there are some challenging words in the short reader such as: been, palms, rinse, seconds, also, back, bathroom, being, between, careful, dirty, drain,during, everywhere, evil, hand.        

Hygiene Glyph For Kids

11 Dental Health Activity Sheets (Oral Health Made Easy)

With these dental health activity sheets, children will learn how important it is to have a good dental health. They will learn how to brush, how to floss, tooth anatomy and much more! To save the dental health activity sheets, click and open in a new tab and right click-> save… 1) Adult and Child-Size Toothbrushes … Continue reading

K-5 Hand Hygiene Lesson Plans and Worksheets

These lessons have been created for grades k-5 to teach proper hand hygiene and its importance. Smart and fun-loving character CLEAN GENE helps educators lead kids through memorable learning activities. Lesson 1: CLEAN GENE’s Germ-a-palooza Objective of the lesson: CLEAN GENE invites students to develop vocabulary words relating to germs. Have students complete the crossword puzzle … Continue reading