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Dental Hygiene Word Search – Your Teeth

3 pages of word search printables about dental hygiene for children with some challenging words such as molars, bicuspids, incisors, sealants. 12 words to find on each page!

Dental Hygiene Short Reader + Answer Key (Grade 5 to 6)

A short reader for 5th and 6th graders about the importance of dental hygiene and dental hygiene routine for children. There are some challenging words in the reader such as¬†Antitartar, occlusion, smoothe, unwaxed, mints, scraping, inflammation, probe, fluoride,sealant, soft-bristled, discomfort, hygiene, critical, extremely, crucial                       … Continue reading

33 Dental Health Printables For Children

                  Here we offer all children a wide range of dental health printables such as coloring pages, puzzles, crosswords and word searches to learn about dental health and oral health in a fun way! With these dental health printables children will understand why it is so important … Continue reading

11 Dental Health Activities – Puzzle Fun (Printable)

Here you find 11 pages of dental health activities; dental health word searches, dental health crosswords and other dental health puzzles. To save the dental health activities sheets, click and open in a new tab and right click-> save… 1) Rock your smile dental health puzzle: Buck is writing the lyrics to a new song … Continue reading